Winter Blues in Chicago

This is the time of year that can start to feel a little bit tedious if you’re not an avid winter lover…well, or even if you are. I appreciate the winter, and can certainly see the beauty in the snowy landscapes and cozy indoors. After living in Dublin for a while, I can say that I developed a warm glowing memory of well-insulated and cozy Canadian homes. But that’s the picturesque idea of winter we develop when we spend some time away. Though I admired the icy countryside this week on my way to work, I can relate to others who start to feel ready for spring when this time of year feels as though it’s maybe dragging on a bit.


So I had a little sojourn to Chicago to visit a friend, and this proved a much-needed diversion from my life here in Ontario. Many Chicagoans remarked on the less than ideal time of year that I’d chosen to travel. And although I could imagine the energy of the city during warmer months, I also liked exploring Chicago in the off-season. Late night jazz bars and fantastic wine and conversation during happy hour made the chilly evenings memorable and heady; while frozen toes waiting in line for zip-lining in Millenium Park, spending hours at the Art Institute, record hunting, and spending a day at the University of Chicago for a law conference made my days interesting and engaging.

DSC06774DSC06802 DSC06827

There are places I’ve visited where I’ve felt that I was heading home in one sense or another. I experienced that when travelling to Germany, and even more so on later trips once I’d developed friendships. But I think there are places in the world that speak more to each of us in different ways and for different reasons. We could discuss those reasons. I have some ideas. But I’ll try to stay on track here…. so though I felt largely at home when I was in Germany, there was something that struck me even more strongly when I was in Chicago that I was home, where I was supposed to be.

DSC06837      DSC06833






No, the above photos are not where I imagine myself, but I did fall for the architecture, especially the lovely little turret-type rooms on the edges of buildings. There are a lot of beautiful and simple appealing brick buildings in Chicago. I took few pictures, but spent a good deal of time at a local coffee shop writing and thinking -what better way to spend a day? What better way to spend time?

4 thoughts on “Winter Blues in Chicago”

  1. Sounds like a great visit. But no mention of food or (aside from happy hour) fermentation! As the daughter of a US citizen you are also entitled to US citizenship, maybe you could work there one day. Not that I would want to have you living even further away!

    1. Ah! No mention of food….what was I thinking?!?!?! Well the wine trumped all this time. I could tell you a bit more about the Californian wines making their way into the Chicago scene…. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful post, thank you for your writing. It’s nice to be able to see what you are up to now too 🙂 I have been going through a long process within myself during this move to Portugal about how I want to spend my time, and understanding what feeds and inspires me, while keeping my power to make sure this is what I do in my life without others influencing me otherwise. Your post has given me the inspiration I needed this morning to keep working at it. Thank you .

    Wishing you warmth and sending my best x

    1. Thank YOU for such wonderful and encouraging words. I am so curious to hear more about your time in Portugal and the stories you have to share. Yes, what true words, that it is important to pay attention to what feeds us and encourages us express ourselves. Xx

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