Well it’s been a while since I last wrote, and I’ve certainly been feeling the itch to do a blog post! My parents came for a visit this past week and we had a grand time together…drinks in pubs, walking the city, exploring museums and historical sites, a visit to the Galway region, and lots of good food and company.

It was fun showing my parents around Dublin and being able to navigate…though it’s become apparent that my sense of direction is not all that great and I tend to underestimate -ok, vastly underestimate- how long it will take to walk from one place to the next. In the first few days we walked the city, visited the Archaeology Museum, the Yeats exhibit, and took a short day trip to Greystones and the wonderful Happy Pear restaurant, and of course shared pints at cozy Irish pubs. Ah, and I’ve finally made it to the iconic Temple Bar (can you spot me? photo courtesy of photographer Paul Duchene :-).

DSC05285  DSC05419 DSCF3485DSCF3462


We took off for the weekend to Galway where we rented a car and drove the countryside. After a quick stop at the Galway market for nibbles in the pouring rain we went for a drive to Ross Errilly Friary. We arrived and were the only people there, which made it feel much more peaceful than when I was there last. The wind was howling away and it was a struggle to walk against it at times, but the noise the wind made as it wound its way through the friary was haunting, mournful, and melodious. What a beautiful and preserved place. When we left the friary we took a winding road which eventually led us to a crumbling castle and moored boats on the Lough Corrib that were quickly filling with rain water.

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When we headed out the next morning the rain was pouring down, but it quickly turned to snow. So we drove around a bit until it subsided slightly and then we got out to explore a little village. As my dad said, if you don’t like the weather then wait five minutes. Blue sky began to peak through in the afternoon and there were many beautiful stops on our way to the Cliffs of Moher. The whole area is majestic and impressive, and the cliffs were certainly no exception. I loved watching the waves crash against the rocks and we were delighted to discover that ocean spray was carried up from below to shower us in droplets and mist.

DSC05351DSC05373 DSC05363


On our last day in Galway we went out for a walk by the ocean. I will never ceased to be impressed by the stone walls in the countryside.


Upon arriving back in Dublin city we met up with Joelle and her parents. We enjoyed a trip to the Guinness factory, Dublin castle, and some great trad music at our local pub. It was a wonderful visit and I will certainly miss their company.


DSC05419 DSC05424


In the last couple of days in Dublin we’ve been enjoying sunny days in the teens 🙂 How about you, Canada?

One thought on “Visits”

  1. Sounds like you showed your folks a great time.

    The weather here is getting more springy. A couple of days of thaw. Colder today, but still sunny.

    We just had a visit from Catherine’s cousin Emily and her son Isaac from Minnesota. We took them to Wheeler’s Sugar Camp for a pancake brunch and visits to the maple and chainsaw museums. (see Facebook for pics). The sap was running tho they had not started to boil yet.


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