To Market, To Market

To market, to market, to buy a fat…fig? 😉 Ok, lame jokes aside…I love a good food market! Every time I visit one I feel so energized and cannot contain my glee. When I visit a new place I always look forward to checking out the local markets and seeing what they have to offer and in what ways they are different from other markets I have been to. I like the open air People’s Park market in Dun Laoghaire for the grainy bread and fresh olives, and in France I loved the massive amounts of vegetables, mushrooms, and walnuts waiting to be cracked. In Barcelona there was the large Mercado de La Boqueria where the stalls were packed to overflowing, and then some smaller markets that we simply chanced upon selling jams, olive oils, and other goodies. And then of course the lovely Palo Alto market where artisan bread and cheese made for a happy crowd. My favourite markets are the ones that keep it simple -where I can buy vegetables, fruit, hearty bread, and often talk with the farmers who played a role in bringing the food to us. The thrill is in thinking about all of the potential that the food has…and though thoughts about recipes run through my mind, I always just get whatever I am drawn to and figure out the rest later. I always feel so satisfactory when I’ve filled my bags and arrive home with heaping amounts of food.

Today I met Joelle at the Dublin Food Co-op. It was my second trip there, though no less thrilling than the first. It reminds me of the London Food Co-op but with the added addition of a cafe, people selling home-baked bread, local cheese, ready-made goodies such as Indian food and spirulina balls, and other handmade delights. Browsing local markets and co-ops is such a wonderful way to meet the community in a new place, and I am happy to say that I feel I fit in here at the co-op.

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3 thoughts on “To Market, To Market”

  1. happy new year Terra! Had to sneak that in before the end of January. After then it’s really harder to claim new 😉

    Am very much enjoying news of your adventures. I so wish our market was more like those you describe!

    I am on the journey home after XC skiing in Collingwood, a truly Canadian (northern anyhow) pleasure.

    First real snow storm of the year as I head out, happy for the train to carry me safely home. Not so happy about the idiot a few seats up sans headphones insisting on sharing EDM.

    Have you experienced same on your travels, or are people generally more polite with their electronic devices?

    Happy trails and I look forward to your next post

    1. Happy New Year! So nice to hear from you.
      There are still things that I miss about our market in London…like all the leafy greens!
      Agh that sounds horrible…I’ve luckily come across no EDM-loving strangers without headphones. Just as in Canada, everyone here is glued to their cell phones, which drives me nuts. People walk headfirst into you because they’re not watching where they’re going. However, the politeness is similar to Canada 😛 If you run into someone, they’re sure to apologize!

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