Terra Ferments

I’ve been thinking a lot about settling in to new places and becoming comfortable with new living routines. For me, a big part of adjusting to being in a new place is finding new foods that I like and new food sources. I always relish the thrill of discovering a new produce farmer, or foods that have been produced locally, especially the ones that have been created with an eye for sustainability and the interconnections between our food, the environment, and the many beings on this earth. There’s also a joy in settling in to a place enough to be able to begin tackling more food projects, such as ones that entail dehydrating, soaking, sprouting…or all of the above. When I left Canada I also left behind little jars of fermenting food and cultures that I hope are still thriving; but since arriving in Dublin I haven’t been up to my regular fermenting speed. Most of that has been because I’ve been moving around so much, but now that I have flatmates that tolerate my composting, bean soaking, and constant cooking of often unheard of foods, I have been delving back in to the world of fermenting a bit more.

I’ve never made milk kefir, likely because I rarely have dairy, but since I’m working at a health food store that sells raw milk, and am working with people who are all sharing cultures, SCOBYs, and water/milk kefir grains, I decided to give it a shot. And I can say that I’ve had success! For some reason, the less I fuss about my ferments, the more successful they seem to be. So I just let the grains do their things, and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Here is a happy little pile of kefir in an old sauerkraut jar…


2 thoughts on “Terra Ferments”

  1. Great to hear from you! You are really settling in if you are starting to ferment. I’m keeping my kombucha going but I haven’t been drinking it as much, maybe when the warm weather comes.

    I have started some oyster and shiitake mushrooms on logs, as well as bags of sawdust. Haven’t seen any fruit yet but I’ll keep you posted.

    I see you changed your site’s theme! Is that the new TwentyFifteen theme?

    1. Mmmm the oysters and shiitakes sounds great!
      Haha yeah it is…I was just quickly choosing something a bit simpler. I’d like to play around with it more though. And will have to go back and format my photos since changing the theme seemed to mess up the formatting.

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