Simple Eats, Pensive Walks, and Clarity

After some humming and hawing over my most recent adventure, I decided to take the plunge and take a week’s vacation on my own, and what a delight it was! It was difficult knowing what I needed before I left, but it quickly became apparent to me that I needed some time to myself to walk a different city and experience a change of pace. I’d been to Paris once before, but it’s a city that feels so full of history and vibrant with current happenings that it’s a place that you could return to time and time again and still feel that you’ve experienced new things and learned a bit more.

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I had some amazing food while in Paris, and many of my meals took the form of a picnic by a canal, the Seine, or in a park. They were simple affairs, but accompanied with a bit of French wine they were always delicious and very fresh. I picked up lots of my food at markets, where I often lost track of time wandering through the stalls and admiring the heaping piles of food. 














Sometimes it takes a step back or a change of scenery to gain some clarity of mind. There are certainly aspects of Ireland that I appreciate, and I have made some wonderful friends, but I’ve never felt settled here or like it is where I belong. As I travel I feel drawn to some places more than others, and my time in Paris really helped me realize that it’s time for me to move on instead of trying to push myself to enjoy a place that I feel ready to leave.



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  1. Glad you were happy with your decision. Sounds like a lovely visit. I love markets the world over. Which is why I have a special place in my heart for Kensington in TO. Simple fare and time to wander in a marvellous, strange city sounds like a perfect way to get perspective on life. Love hearing about your adventures.

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