Misty Nights

Although the days here are often filled with drizzling, the sporadic crisp and chilly moments are certainly welcome, and the clear misty night tonight was one to savour. I had dinner with a friend this evening who I met back when I stayed at her airbnb for the first few nights I was in Dublin. After dinner we headed out to find the city blanketed in a damp fog, and it felt invigorating to bike through the city and the mist. It somehow created an atmosphere of calmness and protection, making for a wonderful bike back to the place I’m staying (I don’t know what else to call it…it’s not home!).


Last night I also found myself stepping out into the mist…although it turned to rain rather quickly and drenched me while I was biking. I had enjoyed an evening at The Sugar Club, a venue that used to house the offices of a sugar factory. The Neapolitan music was great, and the venue was this neat old room with velvet benches and tables with tea lights. The singer’s voice (Anna Maria Castelli) was phenomenal…although it was so soothing and rhythmic that I wanted to curl up and go to sleep. The guitarist, Adriàn Fioramonti, was simply incredible. I suggest checking out their music, maybe accompanied by a glass of wine or hot tea!

One thought on “Misty Nights”

  1. I already typed out my comment, but I guess I didn’t answer the skill testing question first… 🙂
    What I said was that your words were poetic and had nice imagery Terra.
    Here we are blanketed in snow. (I heard about 3 times more than usual.)
    If you do miss the snow, google Buffalo storm 🙂
    The music night sounds nice.

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