Ireland, Part Two

Well here I am, back in Dublin, but this time not alone. It’s been great walking through the city with Joelle; travelling with a companion is certainly different than travelling on your own, and I’m grateful to have the company of a friend here to explore with me this time around. We have had some VERY windy weather since arriving, and of course massive amounts of rain as well. But today was sunny and relatively clear, though still very windy, so we decided to take a day trip to Howth, a fishing village North of Dublin city.

We walked the pier to the tinkling noises of the sailboats moored and shifting in the water, and then found a spot to sit in the sun, sheltered from the wind. The air was fresh and the spray of the ocean occasionally reached us, and we were more than a little shocked to witness two men take a brief swim!


As we walked through the village I was struck by how similar it felt to St. John’s, Newfoundland, where I spent the day this past October on my way to Dublin. The focus on fishing, the brightly coloured houses, the steep streets, the wind, and the friendly people were similarities that reminded of my sojourn in St. John’s. I think it’s rather easy to tell which is which…

DSC04311 DSC05082We had a lovely day wandering around, though I am now happy to be sipping warming tea back in Dublin…with soup planned for dinner tonight 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ireland, Part Two”

  1. Hi Terra!
    We enjoyed reading about and seeing pictures from your latest travels in Ireland. Howth looks quite dramatic with the houses on that steep rise above the rough sea – despite that sunny blue sky. Looking forward to your impressions of Galway!
    We drove to Port Bruce today where it was windy, dramatic, foggy, and wintery – beautiful! – with ice piled up all along the shore and out in the lake as far as we could see. Sorry, no photos : ((
    Much love from Kathy and Nana

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