The last week has been one of ups and downs. As someone once said to me, travelling can be like accelerated learning; this statement feels very true to me right now. The latest blip is that I found myself with a flat tyre on my bike an hour and a half from where I’m staying with a phone battery that was almost drained. Google maps has become something that I rely upon, both to my benefit and detriment. I think it can be really helpful when we need to get places (e.g., job interviews), but I think it shouldn’t be something that we rely upon too much, because getting lost and making surprise discoveries can be the best part of travelling and being in new places. Anyhow, I found my way back and have plans to sort out the tyre tomorrow.

Visiting Glendaloch and driving around Wicklow was definitely a highlight of my week. Greenery was everywhere, and moss could even be found creeping onto the side of the road. I loved seeing so many animals grazing; there were lots of sheep with coloured bits of wool to identify who they belong to, a diverse range of cow breeds, and a few goats scattered around. The rain held off for most of the day, but the little bit that there was resulted in a full rainbow. I walked to the lake and then visited the monastic settlement from medieval times. All Saints’ Day just passed, so there were many flowers and offerings by the graves, making the scene both one of ancient history but also a solemn reminder of the souls of loved ones still mourned and celebrated.


6 thoughts on “Glendaloch”

  1. Amazing scenery and what a classic graveyard. Anything preserved at the monastery, or just ruins?

    Too bad about the tyre, I’ll bet some of the roads are a bit rough.

    BTW post alert came in, no problem today. Full post with pictures.

    1. Nothing was preserved really, although I’m sure there is some building upkeep and gravestone cleaning/clearing. You could still read some of the writing on the stones in the church from the 10th century; however, I’m not sure whether they were moved there or are still standing in their original spots.

  2. Nice pictures with moody ambience, the tumbled graveyard with stories to tell and ancient trees standing guard, the charming pub (those colourful,weathered ads for Gold Flake cigarettes outside the pub – still sold and smoked inside or a relic of the past? ) and you in the midst of it all! Your commentary and travels have be surfing the web and dreaming!

    1. I bet they are old signs! There are lots of old neat things inside, but it’s pretty packed so you have to be prepared to wait for a table. They have live music and nice long wooden cafeteria style tables for eating and drinking at. I didn’t eat there but the food sure smelled delicious. I’m so happy to hear my commentary is inspiring 🙂

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