We have arrived back from our sunny and warm long weekend in Barcelona! What a lovely weekend it was, with great food, sights, and wanderings. DSC04859

We arrived late in the evening and headed to La Rambla to get our bearings and find some dinner. After some tapas we discovered La Boqueria food market with sections for fruit, fish, meat, nuts, candies, and other nibbles ready to eat. I was especially thrilled to see the mountains of fruit and fresh juice.


In the morning Joelle and I went to check out the Palo Alto market. There were lots of food places I had intended on visiting in Barcelona, and I was delighted to discover that many of them convened at Palo Alto. I especially enjoyed my espresso from Nomad Coffee, but was also rather happy to find I could order sprouts, lettuce, pesto, and avocado on my croissant (a rather rare thing to see Terra eating ;-).

DSC04876After our food we wandered through the rest of the market, where there were lots of designer and art stalls, vintage pieces, and specialty foods spread throughout the old industrial area that was overcome with trees, vines, and other plants.

Gaudi’s art was phenomenal. It was neat to see some of his buildings lit up at night, as they seemed to glow with such natural light, as if you are looking at a leaf or thinly sliced piece of fruit with sunlight beaming through. The Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo were especially impressive. Many aspects of Barcelona seem to reflect Gaudi’s work; the random colourful accents, how the city seems to be designed for the sun, the vibrance, and the sometimes easy-going attitude and slow pace (that can drive you nuts when you are used to walking quickly!).

DSC04951 DSC04993 DSC04947DSC05001  DSC04901

On our last full day we went to Mercat Del Encants, a flea market that dates back to the 14th century. There are dozens of stalls, but many vendors dump all of their goods onto a cloth and people wade in to sift through and bargain with one another. It was fun to walk through, and though it was really bustling in the morning when we arrived, it became even busier in the hour we were there. Then followed a day with lots of walking and exploring different areas of the city. In the evenings after enjoying tapas (and on the last evening the Cavalcada de Reis/Three Kings Parade), Joelle and I went exploring in search of little spots to share a drink. The nights certainly come alive with people walking to and from restaurants and tapas bars, and we enjoyed walking through the neighbourhoods and soaking up the atmosphere.


5 thoughts on “Barcelona”

  1. Way to go Terra for preparing and posting your stories from Spain so quickly! I love the photos of piles of fruit, the beautiful wording about Gaudi’s work-and just hearing about your travels and adventures. Look forward to hearing more…

  2. Thanks for the update. Barcelona is a place I would live to visit. You make it sound wonderful. I love the pictures. Interestingly when one clicks on them to enlarge, some images don’t appear in the slide show and other (which are not displayed on the page) do. Probably a mix up in how the pictures are linked. Not a big deal, but let me know if you want me to take a look at it.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I know…I was having trouble with formatting the pictures so I deleted the one. But it shows up when you click on the other. And then you can’t enlarge other pictures (maybe because I was playing with the size when formatting?). I’ll see what happens if I don’t change the size of the pictures for my next post.

  3. ¡Muy interesante! Nana and I have enjoyed seeing your smiling face and reading about your travels to sunny Spain as we sit here watching the snow fall in wintery (finally) Ontario.

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