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I’ve created this blog to keep in touch with friends and family. Let’s just call it a personal travel journal for the dear ones in my life, and not a blog, which feels rather daunting. I hummed and hawed for a while…but thought it might be a nice way to send out little tidbits once in a while. So…welcome to my Irish adventures!

yellow_doorThe last few days are a bit fuzzy. I always find that travelling messes with one’s memory. Except for the first day, which I slept away, I have travelled almost the same route every day into the city centre. I love Ranelagh village, which is just around the corner from where I’m staying. I’ve found a wonderful little coffee bar where they serve a superb espresso, which has resulted in a drastic increase in my caffeine consumption. Everything I need is in the village…a nice deli of sorts, grocery store, wine store, and even a designer consignment shop. It’s lovely being able to go in to the city centre when I want to (25 minutes, walking), but not have to be part of the bustle every day.

I’ve gone out a couple times, once to a pub around the corner and another to a different pub nearby to catch some live music. Both times I drank a glass of wine. The second time the bartender had to look up the price of wine, as it was clearly not the drink of choice…but in all fairness, I was planning on going to wine bar, only it was empty! The music was mediocre. I found the event on a site that lists information about the Bram Stoker Festival, so I thought it would be decent, but it was a cover band that sadly ended up playing one song twice! Ah well, yesterday I happened upon a really interesting and lively band called Mutefish ( that was playing on a downtown street. They’re definitely worth a listen if you’ve got a moment.

bridgeAs you might expect, there are colourfully painted pubs on many corners. I love the use of colour in the city. So many of the apartments have these lovely brightly painted doors with huge knobs in the middle. I’ve found myself a place, and just called the woman to let her know I will take it. It’s in St. Kevin’s Gardens, a 20 minute bike ride to the city centre. I’ve been biking around and am still adjusting to the steep learning curve of being on the other side of the road.

Well, I’m headed out now for some tapas to celebrate my apartment hunting success 🙂



4 thoughts on “Ambivalent Blogger”

  1. Initial comments redux:
    You really are there! It is great to read your first post – ambivalent though you may be about doing it!
    I like the dramatic cloudscape with the light on the white smoke, and the hit of red from the banners, the warm red brick buildings. Interesting places to explore and discover.
    I look forward to the next instalment when you have the time and inclination to share more! Enjoy your tapas.

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