A sunset, sights, and art

I tend to feel compelled to make my posts cohesive in some way or another, and though there’s nothing very cohesive about this one, I have been feeling rather reflective about the art and scenes I have encountered as of late. I came across a lovely quote by the well-spoken Edgar Degas…here is his response to a question posed by an Irish journalist: “My art, what do you want to say about it? Do you think you can explain the merits of a picture to those who do not see them?…I can find the best and clearest words to explain my meaning, and I have spoken to the most intelligent people about art, and they have not understood; but among people who understand, words are not necessary, you say humph, he, ha and everything has been said.” Though it could be debated whether you can explain the merits of a picture to another person, I can certainly connect with the notion that the best expression can sometimes be a little grunt of understanding or resonance.

After a walk out to the lighthouse with a friend who was visiting for a conference, and after passing through a very weird sketchy industrial area where I was glad to have company, my friend and I found ourselves heading back to the city along the coast, this time along a weathered walking trail. The tide was out, and the setting sun created a beautiful glittering trail all across the beach where the birds were busy eating their fill of exposed creatures. Sunsets have such a magical quality that cannot be captured by a camera, and certainly not by words…except maybe humph, he, and ha…ok, sounds silly, I know, but we certainly felt rather overcome by the beauty.

DSC04459 DSC04475

It has been wonderful to have another person to explore the city with, so while my friend was here we went for a visit to Dublin Castle and the Chester Beatty Library. The castle area was a neat mix of old and new architecture, and the library was a visual feast, displaying prints and texts from the ancient world and major religions. It certainly gave me the feeling of being surrounded by some very meaningful and historic pieces of work.


I have been going out to various events that I found on a very convenient site put together by a Dubliner who wants to spread the word about lectures, music, and other things happening in Dublin. A couple highlights this week include a celebration of Dylan Thomas’ 100th birthday, a panel discussion on social inclusion, and a “Geek Girl” social and talk tonight at Trinity. The two talks provoked some great discussion and I left feeling thoughtful and energized. The Dylan Thomas celebration was a wonderful evening that included a lecture, poems, and some beautiful folksy haunting music. I felt carried by the music as I cycled back to the house…




4 thoughts on “A sunset, sights, and art”

  1. It’s great to have someone to share experiences with. I hope having this blog, and sharing your experiences with us helps too. We love hearing and seeing what you are up to. Thanks.

  2. Lovely post, Terra. Ah, Degas. Why would anyone need to add words to his work? I love the humph, he, ha… I do that a lot when I walk, too. Again, why words when it’s… Wow!
    I love your pictures that make it seem more rel for us. That blue turret against the yellow ochre building… Was that Dublin Castle? Lovely!
    I’m glad to hear you’re getting out to the sights and sounds. What a wonderful experience. I love Dylan Thomas… And/but, whenever I think of him I think of the song, “… He’s so unhip that When you say Dylan, he thinks you’re talkin’ about Dylan Thomas Whoever he was The man ain’t got no culture “. This was from a song called… And I didn’t recall this until I looked it up just now… “A Simple Desultory Philippic (or How I Was Robert McNamara’d into Submission)”
    Some people use lots of words in their art 😉 And do it well.
    I think you do it well, Terra. Keep them coming.
    Love and light!

    1. Yes, it is part of Dublin Castle, but obviously not part of the medieval part of the castle. It’s interesting, eh? The Chester Beatty Library is also on the castle grounds. What a strange song…I usually like a Simon & Garfunkel song…but not this one so much.

  3. Terra-such lovely words and description in this post. Nice to hear that you’re getting out and about and seeing some sights and listening to music and enjoying some of the culture there. Nice photo of you holding the sun. 🙂

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